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Each shell thats collected from the beach has its own unique quality.  No two shells are alike, just as you and I.  Every shell on each piece of jewelry has a wish bestowed upon it that it will bring happiness and peace to this world.   The person wearing it will then radiate Mana and it will continue to ripple out to the universe like waves in the sea.


Melissa's love and interest in jewelry making began when she was a child.  She collected objects in nature to make necklaces.  

Designing jewelry is not only an artistic expression, but also a spiritual practice for Melissa.  


She loves the whole process of colleting the shells, making the jewelry, and putting good wises like love, peace, and happiness into each piece.  


Melissa's ultimate goal is to see the person shine wearing the jewelry she created and feel the healing energy of her intentions that she created with her meditations during creation.


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